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The average monthly temperature in January map

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Air temperature

Lake Baikal influences the climate of the surrounding area within the watershed. When the climate of inland areas of Irkutsk region, the Republic of Buryatia, Trans-Baikal Territory, Mongolia may be called sharply continental, and the climate of the coast of Lake Baikal is close to the coastal. Winter month’s temperature on the shores of southern Baikal is on average 5°C higher than in the central areas, and summer month’s temperature is lower at the same rate. In summer temperature inversions are observed over the cold lake surface that impedes upward motions. Additional radiation and circulating factors and local conditions determine the features of the thermal regime.

In winter, due to the predominance of anticyclonic weather, the air temperature depends mainly on the radiation environment and the air cools over the underlying surface. In summer radiation factors also play a role in the temperature formation.

Long-term mean annual temperature is almost everywhere negative. At stations located on the shores of Lake Baikal, air temperature is higher than on the continental stations located at the same latitude. The coldest month is January and the warmest is July.

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