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Buryat regional branch of russian public organization «All-rusian society for nature conservation» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


Tel .: 8 (301-2) 21-39-52, 21-84-15

Fax 8 (301-2) 21-48-99


Chairman: Tsyrenov Bator Dashievich

Vice-Chairman: Tsydenov Erdeny Tsybikovich

Executive Secretary: Popkova Tatiana L'vovna

Year of establishment: 14 February 2008


All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (ASNC) is all-Russian, social, cultural and educational environmental organization.

ASNC Mission: to maintain favorable environmental and social situation in the region and the country.

The purposes of creation: nature conservation, maintaining the diversity of flora and fauna; preservation and strengthening of health of community.

Main activities:

- Assist public authorities and management in sustainable environmental development of the country;

- Environmental education, enlightenment and education of the population;

- Scientific and technical and practical environmental activities. Consulting activity of subjects of natural resources;

- Carrying out by organization and by accredited companies environmental monitoring of different areas;

- Introduction of modern high-precision technologies in order to implement an effective state environmental control.

All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (ASNC) celebrated 90-year anniversary at November 29, 2014.

This old grassroots organization entered to the country's history as an authoritative public movement for safe and favorable environment. Despite the well-known difficulties of reforming the country, ASNC not only maintain but also strengthen their ranks and strengthen the scope of their meaningful participation in environmental activities.

At the present stage ASNC occupies a niche in the Russian environmental movement. This, above all, the personal involvement of its members in environmental education and public awareness in practical environmental actions, research and law-making, and development of club movement.

Statutory requirements ASNC is all possible assistance to state authorities in addressing environmental issues and state environmental programs (projects). This allow to bring in the nature protection the entire spectrum of civil society, and thus greatly improve work efficiency, especially in the regions.

ASNC has organizations in all regions of the Russian Federation and unites considerable potential scientists and specialists in various sectors of the economy.

All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation is member of the Coordinating Council of NGOs in Russia, a member of the «round table» of environmental organizations, the founder of Russian organization «Green Cross», Environment Congress, and the Russian environmental movement.

The Society carries out international cooperation, since 1960 it is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 1984 the Society was awarded by silver medal of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

In Buryat Republic ASNC actually do not operate in several years. In April 2013 was renewed the membership of the organization, organized the election of the Council and Chairman of the Board, restored founding documents.

Implementation of projects

In 2013, Buryat department of ASNC:

- Participated in organizing and conducting the campaign of the «Green» Party during the elections to the People's Khural (regional parliament) of the Buryat Republic, involved to the work of the Public Environmental Council at the Prosecutor's Office of the Buryat Republic,

- Developed methodology for the construction of the mass primary organizations.

In 2014, Buryat department of ASNC:

- May 21, together with the Commission for the Environment, Environmental Management of the Public Chamber of the Buryat Republic, organized and conducted a round table discussion «Improvement of the environmental legislation in the area of Lake Baikal and the Baikal natural territory», where discussed the problem issues of improving environmental legislation in the area of the Lake Baikal and the Baikal area and decided organize the distribution in the media the open letter of inhabitants of Pribaikalsky. Kabansky, Barguzinsky, Severobaykalsky districts and Severobaykalsk town to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and organizing the collection of signatures for this letter;

- June 5, the organizer in the Buryat Republic the nationwide action «Let’s give to our rivers and lakes the pure shore», which annually held under Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia initiative (late May-early June), in the framework of the Federal Target Program «Development of water sector of the Russian Federation in 2012-2020» («Water of Russia»), supported by the All-Russian society for Nature Conservation;

All-Russian action «For our rivers and lakes - clean beaches»

- August 21 organized a photo exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation during the III International Forum «Dialogue Baikal. Prospects for economic development of the Baikal region» and the international scientific-practical conference «Development and distribution of productive forces of Buryat Republic»

- October 9, participated in the discussion of the Civil Forum «The role of environmental NGOs in the development of the economy and the preservation of the natural environment».

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