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Buryat republic departament of Russian geographical society (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


670047, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Sakhyanovoy st. 8, of. 38



Phone / fax: 8 (3012) 43-36-76

Director: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Federation Council Tulokhonov Arnold Kirillovich

Scientific Secretary: PhD (Geography) Batotsyrenov Eduard Ayurovich.


Year of establishment: 13 July 1894 was created Troitskosavsk-Kyakhta Priamursky Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (TKDRGS), which became the legal successor of the Buryat Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

Goal of establishment: a collection and distribution of geographic information, promotion of geographical knowledge.

Number of members: 318 people.

Main activities and implementation of projects


- «Trans-Eurasian flight» Leman - Baikal «, 2013-2015;

- Expedition «Following N.M. Przewalski (in honor of the 150th anniversary of the first expedition)», 5-18 August 2013

- The Summer geographical and ecological schools on the basis of international environmental education center «Istomino» (Nukutsky district of Irkutsk oblast', gymnasium №14 Ulan-Ude).

Work under the RGS:

- «Ecological Atlas of Russia» (co-executors);

- «Reexposition of the ak. V.A. ObruchevKyakhtinsky museum»;

- «The transformation of the natural environment Transbaikalia and adjacent areas: a retrospective analysis and present state» (Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research -RGO).

Support for olympiads and competitions:

- «Baykalovedenie»

- «Geographic trip around the world»

The assets of the organization: scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, publication of monographs.

In May, planting of several hundreds of pine seedlings in Ivolginsky area;

in June, organizing geographical summer school at international environmental education center «Istomino»;

in July, organizing the round table discussion «Development of ecotourism: the initiatives and partnership business, society and the state» at Turka village;

in July and August, international research expedition «Trans-Eurasian flight Leman - Baikal». Three ultralight aircraft (deltaplanes) with the most modern equipment - hyperspectral (256 channels), RGB, infrared and near-infrared camera flight on the south part of Lake Baikal. Received tens of terabytes of images, which exhaustively filmed Selenga delta.

in August, at Kyakhtinsky museum started expedition of BRO RGS «By the Roads of N.M. Przewalskii». During two weeks the brigade followed the footsteps of the first, third and fourth Nikolai Mikhailovich Przewalskii expeditions through Mongolia to the border with China;

Start of the expedition « By the Roads of N.M. Przewalskii » in Kyakhtinsky Museum, August 5, 2013

In September have been organized the third Baikal Ecoschool in Istomino. It was attended by students 8 «E» class (the letter «e» means ecology class) of 14th gymnasium Ulan-Ude. Within three days 29 students attended lectures of scientists from the Baikal Institute of Nature Management SB RAS, learned to make soil profiles and describe the forest, held cleaning-up of the shore of Lake Baikal, participated at the lesson of orienteering. In addition, students participated in the project GEF / UNDP project «Pilot Program sport fishing», under which the fish caught is returned to the pond alive and unharmed.

Work under the RGS grants and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the RGS: create the database on the geographic discoveries history in Central Asia. In close cooperation with Kyakhtinsky Local History Museum stated the digitizing of archives of Troitskosavsk-Kyakhtinsky Branch RGS.

Results, Lessons, and Prospects

Despite of the long period of neglect, in the past 3-4 years RGS Regional Office has revived its activities and in September 17-19, 2014 celebrated the 120-year anniversary.

In 2014 the international scientific-practical conference «Eastern Gate of Russia», dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the oldest in the province of scientific and educational society - Troitskosavsk-Kyakhtinsky Priamursky branch of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society have been prganized. Totally, from 1894 to 1961, 18 volumes Troitskosavsk-Kyakhtinsky Department of  RGS (TKDRGS) was published. Buryat department of RGS as the successor TKO RGS in collaboration with local history Kyakhtinsky Museum in order to celebrate the anniversary revived the tradition of publishing the studies of department members. Proceedings of the conference published in Volume XIX - «Proceedings of the Buryat regional department of the Russian Geographical Society.»

In the coming years, the department will continue work in the grant projects. In 2014, the new grant «History of Geographical Discoveries in Central Asia in the XVII-XIX centuries» started to implement.

One of the most important tasks of department is the creation of the Board of Trustees of BRD RGS. Thanks to him, it is planned to conduct grant competitions and support local initiatives. Another important goal is the creation Ulanbatar-Kyakhtinsky branch RGS. Academician G. Erdenzhav started the preparation of necessary documents in Ulan Bator and we hope that in the near future RGS will have an office in neighboring friendly country.

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