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Mongolia water forum NGO (Mongolia)



Contact details: (976) 8808-1839, (976) 8808-1839


Year of Establishment 2012

Head of the organization Ms. Batimaa Punsalmaa

Scope of the activities

-         Water, environmental research

-         Advocacy and public awareness activities

-         Trainings, workshops and seminars on water and environmental issues

Mission Support sustainable utilization and conservation of water resources

List of the environmental related projects implemented

Main activities implemented during 2012-2014:

Study reports: Socio-economic  and ecological baseline study in Khuvsgol lake, Eg river and Ider river basins; Socio-economic baseline study for Kharkhiraa river and Turgen river basins; Socio-economic and ecological baseline study for river catchments of Yeroo, Khuder and Minj rivers; Water quality study in Kharaa river River-basin management plans for: Khuvsgol lake and Eg river, Ider river, Yeroo, Khuder and Minj rivers

Major results

- Conducted studies on number of major river catchments in Mongolia

- Number of debates and public consultations on integrated river basin management

- At least 3 management plans of major rivers in northern Mongolia is developed and submitted for approval

Number of reports on national water standard, sanitation.

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