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NGO «Republican human rights center» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


Contact information:

670031, Ulan-Ude, / I 1128

Tel. (9021) 60-18-28, fax (3012) 23-25-88


Director: Kislov Evgeny Vladimirovicv

Year of establishment: March 1997

The head of the NGO «National Human Rights Center»

Evgeny Vladimirovich Kislov

The purposes of creation: control over observance of human rights and provide assistance to citizens whose constitutional rights and legal interests are violated.

Objectives: To provide free legal and other assistance to persons whose rights and freedoms infringed upon the actions of officials; collection, compilation, analysis of data on violations of human rights and freedoms on the part of officials of state and local governments, enterprises and organizations; bringing the collected information to the attention of authorities, non-governmental organizations, the media and the general public both in Buryatia and beyond.

Main activities

In the year of legal assistance is provided to citizens 700-800. This free consultation legal citizens, drafting pleadings to the court of appeals, complaints by way of supervision. Centre appeals to the authorities, directs public defenders to participate in criminal and civil cases applicants.

The Center organizes publication in print and electronic media; monitors respect for human rights, including in the areas of rule-making and enforcement.

Cooperates with a number of human rights, environmental and women's organizations, associations disabilities and their parents, consumers and businesses, taxpayers, defrauded investors, providing them with methodological and informational support.

Another important area, which is realized in cooperation with the Moscow Helsinki Group, - monitoring of human rights. This annual report on the human rights situation in Belarus. The study monitored the observance of environmental rights, either directly (the right to a healthy environment, to environmental information) and indirect (the right to freedom of assembly, a fair judicial protection, etc.).

Implementation of projects

Since 2005, a joint project to support human rights multifunctional centers in Russian regions. In the framework of its work public reception in the hotel room "Buryatia" (pre-booking by phone. (9021) 61-62-70). Please provide legal assistance up to the representation in the courts, including on environmental issues.

In addition, in cooperation with the Moscow Helsinki Group are thematic monitoring: in 2007 - Monitoring religious xenophobia and discrimination, in 2008 - the monitoring of hate and discrimination and monitoring compliance with the rights of sexual minorities, in 2009 - the monitoring of the right freedom of assembly and monitoring of xenophobia among young people. In 2009, spent a week visits to police stations in the Republic of Buryatia.


National Human Rights Center is not only the most influential human rights organization Buryatia, but also the coordinator of the activities of other organizations, partner governments and educational institutions. The Centre is involved in network projects most authoritative Russian and international human rights organizations. The Centre's activities are constantly illuminated media.

On the other hand, to achieve a permanent major grant support, and hence financial stability has not yet succeeded. As a result of court decisions organization lost legal personality.


Continued participation in network projects, getting their own grants. It is planned to develop a network of offices and friendly organizations in the regions of Buryatia and strengthen partnerships with other community organizations, not only human rights but also environmental, youth, women, and so on.

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