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Non-profit public organization club «Firn» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


Contact information:

670031, Ulan-Ude, Babushkina st. 13a, Tel. 8 (3012) 555088, 648654,,

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Club «Firn»: Elena Ilina Kimovna

The purposes of establishment: youth involvement in ecotourism, conservation of the unique nature objects on the territory of the Buryat Republic, environmental education of schoolchildren.

Implementation of projects

«Shumak-gol», 1994-2002.

Since 1994, the Club took custody for Shumak springs (Tunkinsky district, Buryat Republic). For several years this project was attended by over 400 people from Russia, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, United States. During this time, cleaned the area near Hoytogol and Shumak mineral springs (from 28 clean up 26 sites), removed and disposed of more than 2 tons of garbage; conducted research and ethno-ecological studies; training of the local people, constructed eco-trail. By the results of five year work released book "Shumak – source of the life".

"International Green Walk" of 1999-2001.

The initiators of the project with the Club "Firn" are the Republican public organization "Aura" and the American non-governmental organization «REAP International». Participants of the project were more than 100 people of all ages from Russia, USA, Ukraine, Puerto-Rico, and Germany, who indifferent to the future of Lake Baikal. Each year, the route of the "Green March" ran through new places. Project participants interacted with the locals, getting information about life on the Lake Biakal from the "horse's mouth", conducted research, offering solutions to the environmental problems of the community.

"Birthday of Baikal", 2000

Under this project, the Club "Firn" together with other organizations held a campaign in the Baikal region "Birthday of Baikal" to give attention to Lake Baikal as a world and national value. The main result of the project was helding in Buryatia at August 27, 2000 the Baikal Day, uniting hundreds of organizations and initiative groups. Total campaign involved more than 5 thousand people. More than 120 publications, 50 television and radio programs have been organized.

"Green Pages of the Baikal region", 2001

The guidebook "Green Pages of the Baikal region" was the main result of this project. It includes all organizations concerned with the nature and environment protection at Baikal region, the most significant initiative groups.

Also, the handbook contains information about the Baikal Part of World Heritage Site, the contact details of organizations and institutions, where you can ask questions and suggestions related to activities and nature management on Lake Baykal territory. The edition (1000 copies in Russian and English) was distributed in all interested organizations and individuals.

"Living Baikal", 2002

Conducted with the aim of involving children into environmental activities. Support children's projects aimed on specific results for conservation of wildlife at Lake Baikal.

As a result, four children's initiative groups received grants for their own projects. Near the Turka at forest logging place were planted willows, in Maksimikha village was cleared the spring and built nature trail, schoolchildren from Arshan village took care of anthills, and in Kurumkanky district children landscaped and furnished area around village Arzgun.

"The development of the volunteer movement in Buryat Republic", 2007.

The project conducted a national meeting of volunteers, a seminar on public relations in the social sphere, the coalition action "Spring Week of Kindness", published the guidebook of volunteer organizations in Buryat Republic.

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