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Severobaikalsk division of NGO «Great Baikal trail» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

671701, Republic of Buryatia, Severobaikalsk,

Studentcheskaya st. t, 12, Apt. 16

Tel. / Fax: (30130) 2-38-60, 89243914514


Director: Mar'yasov Evgeny Aleksandrovich

Year of establishment: 2003

Head of the organization Evgeny Mar'yasov

The purposes of creation:

- The ideology of ecotourism in the local community;

- Promoting real ecotourism in the North Baikal through international

voluntary movement.

Main activities:

- Active cooperation with local authorities and stakeholders to establish a network of nature hiking trails in the north of Lake Baikal;

- Assistance to local small businesses in developing and implementing eco-tours in the north of Lake Baikal;

- Attracting local youth and students, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to participate in volunteer projects to create BBT;

- Advertising ideas Great Baikal Trail through the media and promotions.

Implementation of projects

- To establish a network of trails on Sludyansky lakes with access to a. Baikal (16 km), on Sludyansky Gallery - (2 km) and around the Children's Camp «Echo» (2 km), only 20 km away. These trails are built according to international standards, labeled, provided information boards, leaflets with maps and information on the 2 languages and widely used as travel agencies and independent tourists;

From 2010 to 2013. in this area there are local volunteer action to clean the tracks of fallen trees and garbage collection.

Further development of the site and its content BBT entered a new phase, due to its gradual transition to the jurisdiction of the local specially protected natural area «Recreation Site Severobaykalsk» and with the village administration. Baikal. The project is implemented with the support of the Administration Severobaikalsky district, which began to finance projects for the development of trails and landscaping places of mass tourists. Funding for the project «The Gates of time» for the protection of the passage of cars on Cape Ludar where wheels destroyed unique natural landscape and archaeological complex, allowed for 2 years to build a gate for pedestrians and wooden fence 250 m. Now we are preparing a set of information panels for arranging the input node;

- Project within the BBT at the initiative of the NGO «Baykalplan» (Dresden, Germany) «Frolihinskaya coastal adventure trail» (Frolikha Adnenture Coastline Trak) from the mouth of the river. Verhnyaya Angara to resort Khakusy calling at Lake Frolikha length of 60 km.

From 2010 to 2013. Trail completed, extended to 100 km and reaches the river. Shirildy. Equipped with parking, marking bridges across rivers, information boards. Renovated two winter quarters, which will provide overnight ski groups of tourists. On this route started working ecotours, which holds local travel agencies, in partnership with the German and Russian tour operators;

- The project path to the highest point of the Baikal Mountains - cape Kotelnikovsky - mountain Cherskogo.

Very popular route from the mountain hikers and climbers, remote area will be available to a greater number of nature lovers. In 2013, work began on the first site and made exploration on all 30 km of the trail. The project will also partner – with NGO «BBT» (Irkutsk), Association «Baykalplan» (Dresden), and the local tourist industry;

- Design of the first North Baikal city ecotrail «Panorama». This trail is located directly in the city, has a length of 2 km and passes through the unique mountain-taiga landscapes and some beautiful vantage points. Affiliate Project GS «Warm North Baikal» «BBT» and the administration of the municipality «City Severobaikalsk».

Up, Lessons and Prospects

BBT project became a real mechanism for the development of ecotourism in the Northern Baikal more and more young people engaging in it and representatives of other sectors of the population. project

- This is a great advertisement of our region in the west, in addition, it promotes intercultural exchange.

BBT development raises a number of problematic issues:

1. There is a need to formalize prepared sections of trails, as well as promising projected to provide a guaranteed safe passage of tourists on the beach, in connection with the privatization process begins (hidden privatization) of land.

2. Sharpening contradiction between the plans of local governments for the construction of tourist facilities such as entertainment and the interests of eco-tourists who prefer a quiet holiday and advocate for the maximum preservation of the landscape intact.

Lessons interact with the public (local communities, including with NGOs)

To participate in projects over the years attracted BBT 129 local volunteers. Is This older students and young people who are prepared to work in the tourist services as well as adults, guiding, or simply activists ecotourism. For all of them involved in projects - a good school training for a better understanding of ecotourism, its place and role in its development. In addition, it is a great language practice.

Creation of trails for tourists on Lake Baikal coincided with the emergence of a new system of local government administration in the form of rural settlements, the task is to earn more money for your budget. Some rural communities have realized that ecotourism - a profitable business. And is most likely begin done through the village school, which can give accommodation, food, transportation, museum, guides and teachers and their students, and now ready to sites of tourist trails that lead to interesting objects visit. Note especially Kindigirskuyu

Evenki high school (river Holodnaya) and Baikal high school. criterion can serve as the intensity of visiting tourists trails, reaching and registered through a school.

Interaction with public authorities

A good example of cooperation with the authorities can be called cooperation with the Directorate «Podlemorye» (Ovdin M.E.) and forestry Severobaykalsky Federal State Institution «Agency of Forestry» (Nazarov S.P.). With their help manage all aspects of the delivery of the volunteers at the place of work (boat) and issued permits.

Interaction with business

For the first time began to develop partnerships in the construction of trails cape Kotelnikovsky – mountain Cherskogo. This company «Portal» (Fomin V.H.). It is also planned participation of other entrepreneurs and business structures in this project. This is a very important factor, as in the area of protected areas is not any level, because business is committed to the delivery of volunteers, providing them with housing and services at the recreation center.

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