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Fund for protection of lake Baikal (FFPLB) (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


Contact information:

119049, Moscow, Donskaya st., 13

Tel. (495) 933 3310 ext. 2545, 2525, 2537



Year of establishment: 2008

Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal established group of companies «Metropol». President of the Foundation – A.N. Chilingarov. In the Board of Trustees, which is headed by M.V. Slipenchuk, includes well-known Russian scientists, politicians, businessmen and cultural figures. Including a member of the Scientific, Technical Council of Trustees and FFPLB includes prominent scientific figures (6 corresponding members of the RAS and RAS academicians 6), statesmen (7 deputies of the State Duma). Director FFPLB – B.D. Tsyrenov.

Director FFPLB Bair Dashievich Tsyrenov.

The establishment and activities:

- Actively promoting the protection of Lake Baikal - a unique body of water, representing great value for the whole world;

- Research aimed at the preservation of Lake Baikal;

- Implementation and support of large-scale scientific and educational projects aimed at preserving Lake Baikal;

- The promotion of environmentally sound technologies and their commercialization.

Implementation of projects

1. International research expedition «Worlds» on Baikal» (2008-2010.), Prepared by scientists of the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in which for the first time in history carried out a comprehensive monitoring of Lake Baikal using «Miri»: scientific information collected and held forecasting various natural processes on the lake, prepared new integrated environmental assessment status of Lake Baikal.

2. International Russian-Swiss scientific and practical expedition «Trans-Eurasian flight: Lehman – Baikal» (2013-2015) - A unique new project, in which using ultralight aircrafts (trikes) conducted comprehensive research. The purpose of the expedition - the development of new methods and devices for sensing of the atmosphere and the water surface; preparation of proposals for integrated environmental protection measures along the route of the expedition; to draw public attention to environmental problems of a single natural space in Europe and Asia.

3. International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the study and preservation of Lake Baikal were held in Russia, Monaco, Mongolia, and France.

4. Exhibition projects on the activities of the Fund and the expedition to Lake Baikal in Russia, Monaco, Brazil, Mongolia, France, Switzerland.

5. Educational and ecological practical projects:

- Ecological camp «Khakusy» (held annually);

- Environmental action «Clean shore of Lake Baikal», «Pure ice of Baikal» (held annually), «Save the trees», «Clean river Selenga», «Net Olkhon Island»;

- Environmental charity marathon «Save Baikal the world!» (September 2012);

- The popular vote «One Hundred Wonders of Baikal» was conducted from December 2011 to June 2012 in five categories. For 5 months took part in it 3555 people identify places and objects that, in their opinion, are the main characters of the Baikal region;

- The creation of documentary films about Baikal «To the depths of Lake Baikal» and «Beyond the Ice», the annual participation in the environmental film festivals.

Objectives of the project - to bring together all the inhabitants of the Baikal region to preserve for future generations the unique lake and its natural areas form a population cautious attitude towards the world.

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