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NGO «Environmental center «Planet and delta» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

671240, Nelyubina st. 2, village Baikalo-Kudara, Kabansky district Buryat Republic


Director: Malanova Tatyana Alekseevna, teacher of the highest category

Year of establishment: 2003

Objectives: to create conditions for active participation and self-school students the right bank of river. Selenga in various kinds of environmental activities forming thinking and culture of youth - research, search, creative and practical.

Eco-center is scheduled to become an experimental platform for the development of environmental, social projects for the protection of delta. Selenga: water quality, conservation of fauna and flora of the coastal areas, pollution control pond.

Since the Selenga flows through the territory of Mongolia, there is a need to establish contacts with schools and community organizations located in the coastal area of this country, in order to be able to implement projects on the Selenga Delta.

To achieve the goal, the objectives:

- The annual school water quality monitoring (both sides);

- Environmental monitoring methods bioindication;

- The creation of a floating laboratory researchers with the support of scientists of Buryat State University, Buryat Sate Agricultural Academy;

- The problem of changes in species composition of living organisms due to changes in water quality.

In each of the proposed themes laid comparative analysis of the situation (Buryatia, Mongolia), which can only be carried out in close cooperation that will promote intercultural dialogue and understanding of global environmental problems.

Main activities

- Environmental education and the formation of ecological culture of pupils, the local population;

- Research (monitoring, project work, study and collection of human knowledge on the river. Selenga);

- Cognitive development (biodiversity, landscapes River delta. Selenga), cultural-historical and tourist routes;

- Development of social partnership (local settlement - kindergarten – School -  specialized secondary- private entrepreneurs, etc.);

Implementation of projects

- Training seminars, scientific-practical conference of scientists led by Buryat Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Buryat State University, Buryat State Agricultural Academy;

- Summer International Environmental Camps (in the Baikal-Kudara, Mongolia);

- Development of local history materials avenues for attracting tourists, exchange of youth groups.

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