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Republican public organization ecologica associations «Laboratory of active tourism» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

670050, Ulan-Ude, Mikoyana st., 5-57

Tel .: 8 (3012) 25-37-32, 89148481654



Director: Zadevalova Svetlana Valentinovna

Year of establishment: 1992

The purposes of creation: education of socially active, healthy and harmonious development of the child, the formation of personality, adapted to life in a dynamic society, promoting personal and professional self-determination.

Main activities:

- Formation of active life position, involvement of children and young people to healthy and an active lifestyle;

- The organization of expeditions, hiking (including sports, categorical), environmental camps, learning the basics of ecotourism;

- Development of volunteerism to help protected areas;

- Environmental education and education of children and youth;

- Aesthetic education, development of creative abilities.

Implementation of projects


- A project to prepare for publication Photoguide plants Baikal region «Taiga wonderful outfits»;

- A project with a partner organization DJO-Deutsche Jugend in Europa (German Youth Europe) - a workshop in Munich and Ötztal in the international exchange of experts «Teaching methods used in German-Russian youth tourist and environmental projects»;

- «Volunteer vacations on MAB – 2011» in the German-Russian exchange.


- «Prevention of drug use among adolescents and young people through sport and tourism»;

- Project from the partner organization DJO-Deutsche Jugend in Europa (German youth in Europe)

- Workshop in Düsseldorf and the River Moselle valley in the international exchange of experts to work in the German-Russian youth tourist and environmental projects – «Wonder-Wunder -2012».


- «Active tourism as a means of preventing drug abuse among young people."

- A project with a partner organization: DJO-Deutsche Jugend in Europa (German youth

Europe) - a workshop in Munich and Ötztal in the international exchange of experts "Teaching methods used in German-Russian youth tourist and environmental projects";

- "All the world for you" - the organization and carrying out of tourist festival.

Experience a non-profit organization for information, consulting and methodological support socially-oriented non-profit organizations:

- Conducting workshops, classes, open training, elective courses, stocks, environmental assaults; competitions of different directions, from sports and recreation to the classification; refresher courses on tourism, sports tourism, orienteering, rock climbing, basics of life safety; conferences; campaigns as weekend and sports,

categorical; expeditions, environmental campaigns; climbing, hiking, seminars, etc. activities;

- Association "LAT" was the first rafting on sports catamarans on the Selenga River for wheelchair users. Since 1998, this event is held by different organizations;

- ROOEO "LAT" directs the preparation, organization and conduct of the project "Volunteer Vacation" for the construction and improvement of the ecological trail. The project runs from 1998 to the present. The trail is functioning successfully. Every year in the improvement of trails attended by at least 50 people. During the period of the creation of trails along it has been more than 1,000 people. The project has received support from the organization «Watch Baikal» (USA), Administration of Buryat Republic, State Committee on Youth, Center of youth tourism and local history Buryat Republic, Fund "Yves Rocher" (France) and others organizations.

The project was awarded the diploma of 3 degrees in the Russian competition variable programs in the field of rehabilitation, employment of children, adolescents, young people;

- From 2005 to 2008 NGO «LAT» was the host organization for the American volunteers in the framework of the «US-Russia Volunteer Initiative». The project was funded by the Agency for International Development, through IREX (USA) and the Russian Union of Youth;

- NGO "LAT" conducts training courses on organizational educational-methodical activities of institutions of additional education in the Republican center of youth tourism Buryat Republic, town Severobaykalsk, Kizhinginsky district and others regions.

Up, Lessons and Prospects

Today the «Laboratory of Active Tourism» (LAT) - one of the prominent organizations in Buryat Republic, in other Russian cities. Initially, the purpose of the organization was to educate socially active, healthy and harmonious development of children, capable of adapting to a rapidly changing society, facilitating their personal and professional self determination. For many, it became a matter of life. But even if our children and do not have dedicated their lives to tourism, ethnography and history. That is, people who know how to take care of our wonderful nature. Knowing the history of his native land. Who are not afraid of difficulties and know what his friend's shoulder, mutual understanding and respect.

LAT organizes expeditions, hikes, including a high category complexity. We teach teenagers the basics of ecotourism, developing volunteer movement. In addition, the organization is engaged in aesthetic education and development of children's creative abilities. Everyone can choose the cause that he liked. The work takes place in the framework of special projects. Some of them - standing, many - since the founding of the organization. For example, the construction of ecological trail «Path to pure Baikal» in the Zabaikalsky National Park; summer environmental camp «Children and epishura - keepers of Lake Baikal»; regional competitions in orienteering «Race of the fittest»; children's camp «Cedar» (creative unity of children and their parents); «Volunteer Vacation».

Using traditional construction members of LAT built simulator «climbing wall» for rock climbing in the winter and in the offseason in the school gymnasium №7 village. Aviazavod. On the basis of this section is organized climbing simulator. One of the tasks of the work of volunteers LAT - rally based simulator group of enthusiasts to create social and sporting tourist center for employment of children, adolescents, young workers and villagers.

Work on the project «Institute of volunteer initiatives» It aims to prepare leaders for the foremen international volunteer projects for the construction of trails and other assistance to the Protected Areas.

Popularization of environmental awareness among the population - one of the main directions of our work. Therefore, we publish a full-color booklet with information on the Zabaikalsky National Park (ZNP) and the trail «Path to pure Baikal» (PPB). Already issued two booklets in Russian and in English. Furthermore, a mock-up of the Plants Photo-Baikal region «Taiga wonderful outfits». In this colorful book in a popular form talked about the different types of plants growing in the ZNP.

Organize archaeological and natural history expeditions to Merkit fortress. This ancient fortress Tai Khan, associated with the name of the legendary Genghis Khan, whose story they find out on the spot for a long time past events.

In NGO «LAT» suitably qualified coaches and athletes to organize groups to go climbing, sports tourism, orienteering. At present, formed by a group of like-minded, having extensive experience and high qualifications in sports tourism, mountaineering, rock climbing, orienteering. All of them are studies in sections for children and adolescents.

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