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Regional public organization «Business club warm north of lake Baikal» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)




Contact information:

671701, Republic of Buryatia, Severobaikalsk, Studentcheskaya, 12, apt. 12

Tel. / Fax: 89243914514, 89243981219


Director: Evgeny Mar'yasov

Year of establishment: 2010

The purposes of creation: the interaction between the members of the club for the development of eco and rural tourism through the establishment and operation of guest houses, mini-hotels, the system B & B, as well as the quality and variety of tourist services; assist in the protection of the legitimate interests of tourists; the legitimate interests of producers of tourism services: in the information support of tourists and in the preservation of unique recreational resources of the Lake Baikal (Russian cooperation with public and international organizations in this regard); the work of the Center for Urban Baikal hospitality.

Main activities:

- Creation of a unified database of manufacturers of travel services on the basis of guest houses;

- Training of club members by conducting specialized courses, seminars, lectures, etc .;

- Advertising of tourist services (guides, placing ads on the Internet, including tourist sites and cities of the republic, placing banner ads on the central streets; creation and maintenance of a website for information security);

- The establishment of direct contacts with domestic and foreign tour operators;

- Operational cooperation members via the Internet;

- Assistance to local small businesses in developing and implementing eco-tours in the north of Lake Baikal;

- The organization of environmental actions and active participation in them.

Implementation of projects:

- The creation of a collective website;

- The creation of a partnership with the NGO «BBT» first North Baikal city ecotrail «Panorama»;

- The project "The Gates of Time" by fencing off a monument of nature and archeology «Cape Ludar» from the machines (partnership with the NGO «BBT», Severobaikalsy district).

-Draft Local certification of tourism services;

-Draft Permanent system for training personnel for the tourist service through a system of courses at educational institutions of different levels and multi-company internship.

Results, Lessons, and Prospects

Creating an organization has allowed the local tourist business community, working mainly in small businesses, agree not to compete and to provide quality services and abide by a code of honor, which was adopted.

Our organization has been very popular both with locals and tourists and local government administrations.

Lessons interact with the public (local communities, including NGOs)

Locals in town Severobaykalsk and Severobaykalsky district, actively involved in the collaboration. Through social organization they receive counseling and undergo initial training on the organization of tourist services are good advertising, tourists come to them. Club members pay 300 rubles (annual membership fee) and pay for the visit and the salary of teachers. Communication between colleagues goes through Internet and mobile phones. Working together form a stable interaction between members with each other, which extends the range of tourist services.

It is gratifying to note the growth of social and environmental activism of people, which is reflected in the number of participants in environmental actions.

Interaction with public authorities

Local authorities and our organization have become partners. We are invited to the event, listen to suggestions and consider our views when planning their work.

A striking example is the holding in Severobaikalsk in December 2012 the initiative of the international conference «Ecology. Tourism. Education. 12.12.12». The conference was held at a high level, sounded a lot of ideas. For example, voiced the idea of creating a non-profit association of Baikal coastal areas in order to promote tourism.

Interaction with business

Club members as representatives of small businesses received more opportunities to interact with big business, which is beneficial to obtain maximum information and services in one place.

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