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NGO «Defense of lake Baikal together» (Russia, Irkutsk region)


Contact information:

664053 Irkutsk, Rosa Luxemburg st., 202 b

Tel. 8 (3952) 55-10-59 (dob.214)



Year of establishment: 2008 (Certificate of state registration in the Ministry of

Justice in the Irkutsk region of June 17, 2008 № 3814050461)

Director: Tatiana Butakova

Environmental Association, whose activities are carried out through annual membership fees and donations.

The purposes of creation: environmental rehabilitation shores of Lake Baikal, the formation of ecological culture of the population.

Main activities:

- Implementation of environmental education, education among children, youth and adults;

- Involvement of employees of the parent companies, their families, partners and citizens to charitable and social activities to clean up the shores of the lake. Baikal;

- Maintaining the purity of the territory of the coastal zone of Lake Baikal;

- Cooperation with public authorities, with non-profit and public organizations to meet the challenges on the lake. Baikal;

- Maintenance of research projects on the lake. Baikal, programs to conserve biodiversity and natural monuments of the Baikal region.

Implementation of projects

During the period of the partnership, 2008-2013,., Held 34 shares in the winter and summer cleaning debris from the coast and the ice of Lake Baikal, in various bays and adjacent to the lake area of the village Port Baikal Listvyanka and Bolshoe Goloustnoye. Collected and removed approximately 500 cubic meters of debris.

Fence installed on the Maloe More at Cape Uyuga to restrict entry of vehicles on the Cape in order to preserve rare species of plants and animals.

Made an inventory of 22 nature sanctuaries, located on the coast and islands of Lake Baikal (Irkutsk region). Booklet and a set of postcards «Nature sanctuaries on the lake Baikal»

Held annually provincial children's environmental festival «Baikal kaleidoscope» for students of the Irkutsk region, whose main task - the formation of ecological culture of students through creative design and forms of work.

Participate in all-Russian actions "Forest Planting Day" and "Plant a Tree

Victory. "Planted 25,000 seedlings on 10 acres of land and 20 pine seedlings in the territory of war veterans hospital in Irkutsk.

In 2012-2013. implemented new projects: «Baikal together!» - summer environmental agitation and creative actions to collect trash on the Small Sea Lake Baikal, «Environmental bus» - guided tours in three areas: Baikal Reserve, Pribaikalskiy national park, Baikal Museum, in order to increase knowledge among young people about Lake Baikal and specially protected natural areas. Within two years, on trips participated 537 pupils and students of the Irkutsk region.


In 2014, it is planned to implement the third phase of the project «Nature sanctuaries» - further examine the 12 nature sanctuaries located on the Baikal natural territory in Sludyansky, Olkhonsky and Irkutsky distrikts. In the first three phases of the project is planned to publish a book and organize a photo exhibition to Irkutsk citizens and guests of the city of Irkutsk.

The plans of the project «Conservation of Mongolian toad and patterned runner on Maloe shore of Lake Baikal», its purpose - preservation of relict pockets of habitat of rare species of Irkutsk region in places of public entertainment of tourists. The project's objective - to set the fence and information boards in the pockets of rare species of amphibians and reptiles.

In 2014, planned to hold annual events: the regional children's environmental festival «Baikal kaleidoscope» action «Baikal together!», «Ecological bus», visiting environmental training for village schoolchildren action to collect garbage «Clean Baikal - pure soul!» dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Baikal.


In partnership address sent letters of thanks from the governor and deputy governor of the Irkutsk region, from the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Irkutsk region and partners. In 2011, the NGO «Defend Baikal Together» became the winner of the National Environmental Award «Eco World» (public environmental award of Russia).

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