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Mongolian nature and environmental consortium (Mongolia)



Contact details:

Post office 20, Ulaanbaatar-210620

(Phone/Fax (976) 99199276 (976) 98 11 9276

(976) 11 354272


Year of Establishment 2000

Head of the organization Dr. Badarch Mendbayar

Scope of the activities The Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) was established as a non-profit, non-governmental organization to assist decision makers, scientists, and the public and private sector by conducting studies, scientific research and practical activities and by providing information to better understand the environment and natural resources and their sustainable use.

The MNEC is an alliance of 14 nature and environment conservation research institutes, centers and NGOs of Mongolia, committed to joining their efforts and coordinating their activities in all relevant and possible fields of cooperation. All members of the MNEC are dedicated to fully utilizing their collective expertise and experience to improve the quality of study, research and other activities, and to achieve the highest standard of performance. As inspired by Mongolian nature and environment, the MNEC also seeks to improve the technical and scientific basis for decision making on environmental issues through honest investigations and the application of common sense to problem solving.

Mission Coordination and Facilitation the activities of environmental research organizations and NGOs in nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

List of the environmental related projects implemented

-        Eco school projects in Mongolia with collaboration of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

-       Mongolia’s national reports on the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity

-       Improving the life of informal gold miners in the Zaamar gold field, MNEC and APFEED

-       Capacity building on assessment of biological diversity, MNEC and World Bank

-       Eco school curriculum development project, MNEC and Canada Fund

-       Planting trees in ger areas, MNEC, World Bank, and Ulaanbaatar city Government

-       Mongolian Capacity Building Program on Environmental Impact Assessment in Mining Development

-       Coal methane recovery and utilization in the Nalaikh mine, MNEC with coloboration of Environment protection agency , USA

-       Community based medicinal plant conservation, MNEC and Canada Fund

-       Turning  sheep wool into environmentally friendly building materials

Major results

-         77 schools became as green schools in Mongolia.

-         Green-school’s curriculum developed that approved by Ministry of education of Mongolia

-         Tree planted in 40,000 ger areas and organized training for parents of school children

-         Made Methane resources assessment and GHG emission in 5 key mine sites of Mongolia

-         Prepared 5 books on green school development and published and distributed the public

-         Organized training on capacity building for biodiversity conservation and preventing desertification

Developed the  quid lines for restoration of land destroyed by illegal miners ( Ninjas).

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