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Regional public organization «Buryat regional association on lake Baikal (BRA on Lake Baikal)» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


«Buryat Regional Association

On Lake Baikal (BRA on Lake Baikal)»

Contact information:

670000, Ulan-Ude. Lenin st, 55, of. 66

Tel. / Fax: (301-2) 02/21/88




Director: Sergei Gerasimov Shaphaev

Manager: Belogolovov Vladimir Fedorovich

Secretary: Vera A. Gustomesov

Year of registration March 12, 1996 №1023 / 96 (founded in 1993 by the decision

The Supreme Council for the administration of the international project).

Director of BRA on Lake Baikal Sergei Gerasimovich Shaphaev

The purposes of establishment: the involvement of the population in the process of environmental management and promotion of innovation in the management of natural resources and biodiversity of the Baikal natural territory.

Main activities

Public environmental review, ecotourism, sustainable land planning, environmental-oriented business initiatives, support protected areas, cultural traditions and customs of the indigenous peoples in a balanced land use.

BRA on Lake Baikal - an umbrella organization with support centers work to identify promising areas. The structure of the organization consists of four business units:

1. East Siberian regional center of support for the project ROLL / FSD (Fund for sustainableable development). The main activities of the center - the distribution and support the successful experience of projects ROLL / FSD in Eastern Siberia.

2. Baikal center of public environmental expertise (BCPEE). engaged in opposition environmentally dangerous investment projects through upholding interests of the local population in the areas of implementation of these projects through the support local activity.

3. Support Center Regional Ecotourism (SCRE). Engaged in supporting and implementation eco-tourism projects aimed in the Baikal region.

4. Center geoecological studies (CGS). Provides innovative technologies in the field of natural resource management at the regional and local level. The center was established and operated by the East Siberian State University of Technology on the basis of a cooperation agreement.


Implementation of projects

Over the past 20 years:

- Holds more than 100 environmental and social projects to support local communities in Buryat Republic;

- Attracted more than 70 million rubles, extra (grant) funds;

- Services provided to local communities in the amount of more than 150 million rubles;

- Public support system being the most dangerous investment projects;

- Lack of cooperation with the authorities (participation in public councils departments), with partners at the local, domestic and international levels.

Created by: intersectoral cooperation mechanisms (social contract); resource centers of the partner organizations on the coast of Lake Baikal; Association Baikal Pomorie (of socially-oriented NGOs) «Podlemorye».

Published training materials:

1. Shaphaev S.G., Zhelaeva S.E. The procedure for assessing the environmental impactand public evaluation of investment projects (for example, construction projects OIL & GAS systems). Handbook / SG Shaphaev, SE Zhelaeva. - Irkutsk: IROO "Baikal Environmental Wave", 2006 - 64.

2. Shaphaev S.G., Zhelaeva, S.E. Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects as a tool for the balanced development of the Baikal natural territory / S.G. Shaphaev, S.E. Zhelaeva. - Ulan-Ude: Publishing House of the Buryat State University, 2007 - 85.

3. Belogolovov V..F Toolkit for Public support community development projects / VF Belogolovov. - Ulan-Ude: Publishing House of the NGO "BROB", 2010

4. Belogolovov V.F. Guidelines for the preparation and implementation of the Social Contract (based on Buryat Republic) / V.F. Belogolovov. -Ulan-Ude: Publishing Association "BROB", 2011


1. All projects are successfully completed. There are examples of self-development in the post-project phase.

2. The organization serves as a resource center in Buryatia for socially-oriented NGOs in Buryatia.


1. Interactions with the population (local communities, including with NGOs) need to develop criteria for evaluating the activities of NGOs, and including impact on society.

2. Interaction with public authorities: you can deal with the administrations of different levels; environmental constraints are not an obstacle, as an incentive for development; you need to have power and society was a common national idea.

3. Interaction with the business: a socially responsible business is only under pressure; learn to look for and appreciate partners in all sectors of the community; examples of creating viable «stuffed» NGOs are absent.


1. Increase the share of Russian resources in the annual budget of the organization. To do this, is preparing a draft of the Republican target program («Project management»), the project of republic act «On the social order» (to use the experience of its partners plan to establish an endowment businesses).

2. Multiply the experience, knowledge and skills in the areas of Buryatia, and including on the preparation of public contracts, the creation of maps of local values and fund future generations of Russian citizens.

3. To transfer experience to young, which you need to strengthen the work with the youth wing of the organization.

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