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«Ever green life» NGO (Mongolia)



Contact details:

Green house, Khasbaatar street, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

(967) 99116763 (976) 70146760

Year of Establishment: 2004


Head of the organization Mr. Altantsatsral Khajidsuren

Head of the organization Mr. Altantsatsral Khajidsuren


Scope of the activities

-         Provide ecological training

-         Reforestation, green utilities, plantation

-         Promotion and exhibition of agricultural technics and facilities for plantation, eco-travels

Mission Restoration and conservation of nature, promoting ecological education among public

List of the environmental related projects implemented

-         Reforestation in small area in Erdene soum, Tuv province

-         Established a conservation area around “Tumen Khishigten” complex

-         Provide farmers and organizations with tree seeding

-         Establishment of gardens and green areas along the street  Enebish, Bayangol district in cooperation with Ulaanbaatar city

Major results

-         National award of “the Best Eco-Organization in 2012”

-         Well capacitated and skilled staff for plantation and reforestation

Activity focuses to be shifted to local areas

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