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City public organization «Baikal society for animal protection» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Zabaikalsky settlement

Tel .: 89025656486, 67-33-31


Website: http: //priyut-nadezhda.rf/

Director: Lyudmila Alekseevna Levontueva

Year establishment: 2008


The purposes of creation: education on mercy and love for animals; improving the living conditions of animals and protecting them from abuse; the creation of a real alternative to the practice of trapping and euthanasia of animals; improvement of sanitary-epidemiological situation in the city; veterinary care to animals left without owners; development and implementation of environmental programs to protect animals, opening a shelter for stray dogs «Nadezhda» (Hope).

Main activities:

- Carrying out a protest action against animal cruelty. Collection of more than 2,000 signatures in support of animals;

- Preparing the draft Law «On Protection and maintenance of pets in the Buryat Republic»;

- Permanent work with local TV channels and media on the protection of stray animals;

- 5 large-issued leaflets, posters, billboards posted on the city,

- Prepared leaflets for children and adolescents which have been distributed in all schools of the city.

Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Buryat Republic held events:

- Training Seminar Chiefs juvenile inspectors, district, militia officers of Ulan-Ude on the organization of work with juveniles and citizens for the prevention of cruelty to animals;

- A competition among school students of the city of Ulan-Ude «My favorite pet»;

- Organized 20 letters to law-enforcement bodies of the Buryat Republic with allegations of ill-treatment of animals. According to one of the statements of the Society initiated a criminal case under article 245 «Cruelty to animals»;

- Appeal to the City Administration with a proposal for an alternative solution of the problem of stray animals instead of their capture and killing;

- During last four years 1036 animals have been saved and transferred to new hosts.

Implementation of projects

Currently, there are 250 animals in our shelter. With the help of TV, media, etc. the work on finding the new owners is constantly working, the vacant places are taken by new animals

Results, Lessons, and Prospects

- Continuation of the construction of a shelter for stray dogs «Nadezhda»;

- The annual action in defense of animals «Russia against cruelty»;

- Activities to regulate the number of homeless animals (castration and sterilization, preparation of leaflets about the benefits of castration and sterilization of animals as one of the most reliable, humane and safe methods of regulating of their quantity);

- Rescue stray animals, providing them with qualified veterinary care, searching for the new hosts;

- Newspaper articles, TV-programs about animal welfare.

Designed environmental program to protect animals «The problem of homeless animals and ways to solve it in a humane way» is the real alternative to practice of their capture and killing.

The proposed program is objectively difficult, but it is verified by experience in other regions of our country and in other countries. And most importantly, it gives reliable results. Simplified approaches are unacceptable and inappropriate. It is necessary the broad advertising of sterilization, not only homeless, but also domestic animals; construction and financing of shelters for animals.

Until the early start of the program it is necessary to stop the activity of catching services aimed at the destruction of the population of stray animals; review and develop additional laws; approve the Regulations on the tender for the execution of the municipal order of catching and sterilizing animals; adopt regulations on transport and trapping; introduce necessary changes to statutes of municipalities; use the positive experience of our neighbors from Irkutsk oblast' in humane solution of the problem of stray animals.

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