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Zabaikalsky regional branch of Russian geographical society (Russia, Zabaykalsky krai)



Contact information:

672007, Trans-Baikal Territory, Chita, ul. Grandma, 129.

Naturally, the Faculty of Geography, Department of Geography

Tel. / Fax (3022) 32-34-68



Chairman of the Department: Konstantinov Alexandr Vasilievich,,

Scientific Secretary: Pomazkova Nadezhda Viktorovna,

Zabaikalky branch of the Russian Geographical Society opened in Chita July 16 1894, called the Chita branch of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society Priamursky and became one of the first regional divisions of the Company.

Branch created at the initiative of political exile, A.K. Kuznetsova and physician N.V. Kirillov with the support of the military governor of the Zabaikalsky region E.O. Matsevskogo, who became its first chairman.

Today Zabaikalskoe department - a structural unit of the Russian Geographical Society. It comprised 112 full members.

Main activities:

- Scientific and practical conferences, seminars, lectures and other academic activities in the field of geography, ecology and related sciences;

- The organization of scientific research and expeditions, would promote geography and related sciences;

- Promotion of local history, ethnography, toponymic work, the study of history, geography; as well as the preservation of world and national natural and cultural heritage, protection of nature and its monuments;

- Dissemination of geographical knowledge, promotion of domestic and world geography.

Implementation of projects

Annual regional ecological action «To protect nature - to love the motherland», which has been held for 7 years, the Trans-Baikal region. The name of the action were the words of the famous writer Prishvin. It includes a range of educational activities, the purpose of which - the education of ecological culture and patriotism among children and youth, as a factor in preserving the unique nature and culture of Transbaikalia, environmental security of the person and the cross-border region as a whole.

The main objectives of the campaign:

- Attract the attention of children and students of educational institutions, all residents of our region to environmental issues as complex socially significant, successful resolution of which will determine the future development of the Trans-Baikal region;

- Education of preschool children and students a sense of pride and responsibility for nature Trans-Baikal Territory as part of the Motherland;

- Promotion of real environmental actions in everyday life of each resident Territory;

- To consolidate the efforts of collectives of educational institutions, parents, professionals in ecology and conservation of the media (the media), representatives of the local administration to solve environmental problems of their region;

- Dissemination of experience in the region of educational institutions to educate environmental culture of pupils.

The contest «Fotosnayper» which was held from April 20 to November 20, 2012 Trans-Baikal regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society. In the contest was attended by 28 people, including adults and children from different parts of the Transbaikal, have sent 235 pictures of various themes.

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