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Regional public organization «Zoodefenders of Buryatia» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

670000, Ulan-Ude, Lane Pskovsky, 38

Tel. 600-380


Supervisors: Co-Chairs of the Board Bahanova Ekaterina Mikhailovna., Filippova Natalia Vladimirovna

Year of establishment: 2009

The purposes of creation: help homeless animals, animal rights on the territory Buryatia.

Main activities

Reduction in the number of homeless animals. Sterilization of stray animals based shelter «Cat and dog». Vaccination to prevent occurrence of rabies and other infectious diseases. Search for new owners pets shelter. Development of shelter for homeless animals «Cat and dog» in Ulan-Ude and distribution of activities in the areas of the country. In social awareness of the concept of liability of owners of animals and prevent their uncontrolled reproduction. Educating the humane treatment of animals.

Implementation of projects

In 2011, he successfully implemented the project "Let's help smaller brothers", which aims - moral education of troubled teens, promoting the humane treatment of animals among the inhabitants of the private sector in Ulan-Ude, to draw public attention to the problem of stray animals. To the project attracted more than 30 troubled teens village Yuzhlag indirectly (through the project participants) more than 100 children, 260 adults - residents village Yuzhlag and about 2,000 residents of Ulan-Ude (through the media and held shares). Over 100 animals were sterilized, 50 was attached to the new family.

In 2012, the realized portion of long-term program «Humane regulation of the number of homeless animals in 2011-2013». Found new owners of nearly 250 cats and dogs from the shelter. Renovated electricity at the shelter, animal houses, built new cages, held the indoor plumbing, installed a pumping station, new fencing the area shelter. Conducted sterilization of more than 200 animals, vaccination of more than 350 pets. A number of shares, together with the media to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent their uncontrolled reproduction.

In 2013, the continued implementation of the «Humane regulation of the number stray animals for 2011-2013». Held public meetings in the form of charity concerts in support of the shelter. On the basis of the shelter with the participation of school and university students of Buryatia held «lessons of kindness». The event was attended by over 2000 people. Sterilized 150 animals vaccinated more than 200, built out of about 320.

Developed electronic program activities shelter, including registration and accounting of arrival and departure of animals, their vaccination and sterilization, feed consumption, etc.

Results, Lessons, and Prospects

During the period of 2011-2013 our organization prevented an increase in the number of stray animals in the amount of 7,200 individuals (on the basis that one female on average brings to 8 pups twice a year).

In 2014-2015, we planned to continue the implementation of a comprehensive program «Reducing the number of homeless animals».

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