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Irkutsk regional public organization «Baikal environment network association» (Russia, Irkutsk region)



Contact information:

664082, Irkutsk, m / p Universitetsky, 92-93

Tel. / Fax: +7 (3952) 51-20-82



Director: Kuzevanova Elena Nikolaevna

Year of establishment: September 1, 2000

The purposes of creation: the continuation of the ecological, educational, educational, informational activities initiated members of the organization in the international project TACIS «Ecological Information and Public Awareness Promotion in the Lake Baikal Region» (1998-2000 gg.)

Main activities

- Participate in the development, testing and implementation of environmental programs, learning and teaching materials for pre-school, school and higher education, advanced training;

- Promotion of a population environmentally oriented of attitudes, traditions and skills;

- Promoting public access to information, including by means of modern communication technologies;

- Partnership in the field of information and educational exchange with public education and environmental organizations, including international ones;

- Development, publication and implementation of programs, training manuals Baykalovedeniyu and ecology.

Implementation of projects

Of 2009-2010. - Grant «Baikal school for young researchers for people living in remote areas of the Irkutsk Region»;

2010 - The project «Preparation and publication of a special course» of Baykalovedenie. Living world of Lake Baikal. Man and the Baikal. 6 (7) classes» (E.N. Kuzevanova authors, V.N. Sergeev);

2011 - present - preparation and participation in the regional experimental testing programs Baykalovedenie in educational institutions of the Irkutsk region;

2012 - Development and publication of a manual «Baikal fun» (authors T.N. Kliment'ev, N.V. Stenina);

2013 - preparation and publication together with the Baikal Museum ISC SB RAS methodological guide for a special course on baykalovedeniyu "Contour maps of Lake Baikal" (by the development of E.N. Kuzevanova).

Up, Lessons and Prospects

The successful operation of the organization - the result of many years of cooperation with research institutes of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialists of ministries and departments of the Irkutsk region: the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Legislative Assembly, the Ministry of Education and its departments, the Government of

Irkutsk region, international educational and environmental projects, participation in conferences, forums and exchange programs.

The main direction of the future work of the organization is to develop and improve the international exchange, training programs and workshops, courses Baykalovedenie, ecology, nature conservation.

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