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NGO «Ecoleague» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)


Contact information:

670013, Ulan-Ude, Garmaeva st., 55-16



Director: Alymbaeva Zhargalma Batorovna

Year of establishment: June 2008 (organized by alumni international summer exchange program Tahoe-Baikal Institute Buryat Republic).

Director NGO «Ecoleague» Alymbaeva Zhargalma Batorovna

The purposes of creation: facilitating the development and implementation of social, cultural, educational, environmental projects aimed at supporting the scientific potential and creativity of young people, promotion of healthy lifestyles, promoting the harmonious development of personality;

Main activities

- Raising public awareness of environmental issues through seminars, conferences, symposia and implementation of a broad education and outreach activities;

- Promoting cooperation between domestic and foreign experts in the field of science and technology;

- Promotion of environmental activities in the media, on the Internet and publication of copyright works by members of the organization;

- Increasing the role and importance of young people in environmental and social problems.

Implementation of projects

GEF / UNDP "Pilot Program sportfishing" (project leader E.A. Batotsyrenov).

The tasks to be solved within the framework of the grant:

- Develop a pilot/model sport fishing program «Catch and release» for the Lake Baikal basin and submit it for approval and project manager;

-Publishing (hard copy) developed and approved models sport fishing in Russian (100 copies);

-Organization of program implementation (model fishing) within the established concept with wide coverage in the media and with the participation of well-known personalities.

The pilot program of sport fishing with students of the Eurasian University

of L.N. Gumilev (Astana, Kazakhstan)

GEF/UNDP - Development jointly with the Mongolian subcontractors in English and Russian languages, the concept of cross-border network of NGO «Friends of the basin lake Baikal».


- Implementation of and involvement in cross-border network «Friends of lake Baikal Basin» of existing Russian NGOs;

- Providing information support NGO web forum developed in the «Friends» Baikal information center web portal. Access to the CIC web portal will be provided Baikal information center;

- Conducting the «Round table» for network NGO «Friends of lake Baikal Basin» in Russia, Ulan Ude;

- Publication in 2014 «White Book of Baikal basin friends» (Executive Batotsyrenov E.A.) in order to update the data on non-governmental environmental organizations Baikal region (including Mongolia).

Up, Lessons and Prospects

The organization has more than 5 years and, despite the small number of successfully implementing projects. The focus is on environmental education. This is due, primarily, to the composition of the organization (the majority of teachers and researchers) and specificity performed grants.

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