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Regional public organization «Baikal innovation center» (Russia, Republic of Buryatia)



Contact information:

671220, Republic of Buryatia, Kabansky district, v. Tankhoi, Central Street, 17

Tel .: 8 (30138) 03/07/93, 8,950,131 38 84.


Director: Mel'kov Ian Aleksandrovich

Year of creation: 28 December 2008

The purposes of creation:

- Development, implementation and launch of experimental technologies aimed to economic and social development of Buryat Republic, the preservation and protection of the biosphere of Lake Baikal;

- Providing information, education and welfare to public, commercial and other organizations and citizens, leading research, educational and socially useful activities aimed at economic and social development of Buryat Republic;

- Active involvement of the regional community in the discussion of actual social political and economic problems of the Baikal region, the development of information space and social management.

Main activities:

- Development and implementation, together with interested agencies and organizations of regional programs of economic and social development of Buryat Republic;

- To draw public attention to the problems of economic and social development of Buryat Republic via the media;

- The establishment of research laboratories and experimental grounds;

- Training in modern technologies of organizations through workshops and consultations;

- Protection of the environment and animal welfare, organization and development of ecotourism;

- Assistance to organizations of all forms of ownership in the acquisition of equipment, materials, computing and office equipment necessary for informational and research activities;

- Establishing permanent links, experience exchange with other public organizations;

- Implementation of international contacts by joining to international associations and signing of appropriate agreements to coordinate solutions to common problems.

Implementation of projects

2008-2013. - International Exhibition of educational institutions (Novosibirsk);

The period of 2009-2013. - Organization and carrying out of the Baikal International School «Baikal- the pearl of the world»;

Of 2009-2010. - The development of a project to create a nursery for growing of blue spruce and Siberian pine;

2011 - The development of the project to create the Interregional educational platform "Intelligence of the Future" in conjunction with the All-Russian children's organization «Small Academy of Sciences»;

2012 - the beginning of the project "Training Center under the open sky"; organizing of two international volunteer camps supported by the program "Volunteers UNESCO World Heritage Site" in order to landscaping of summer field site;

2013 - holding of the first inter-regional Circum-Baikal expedition in the V International Baikal school; founding the Siberian pine nursery at school and Siberian pine alley at the Lake Baikal; The grant project «Siberian pine tract» under program «Every Drop Matters – Lake Baikal: Clean Baikal for a cleaner future."

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